Greening Greater Toronto

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About Us

Our vision

Flourish through environmental action and innovation - Greening Greater Toronto supports the vision of a region that flourishes economically, socially and environmentally through environmental action and innovation by its leaders and diverse communities.

Imagine a GTA where the air is so clean and healthy you can see for miles on hot summer days, where the lake and rivers are clear and beaches are safe for swimming. Imagine a waste management system that captures and puts to use the materials we currently send to landfills. Imagine a GTA where people travel quickly from Oshawa to Oakville – and everywhere in between - on a comprehensive transit system. This is our vision for a Greener Greater Toronto and it is within reach.

Greening Greater Toronto

An initiative of CivicAction, Greening Greater Toronto is a unique partnership of individuals and organizations across the GTA committed to making our collective vision a reality. As a vital link between the public, private and non-profit sectors, we work to dissolve misalignments between key stakeholders and accelerate the greening process. We have developed an ambitious long-term regional environmental vision focused on five clear outcomes:

What we're doing

The environmental challenges we face are multifaceted and tackling them requires a comprehensive action plan for the GTA. Recognizing that achieving our vision calls for profound changes, Greening Greater Toronto launched three initial projects carefully chosen to target areas with the highest potential for improvement:

We want to help businesses and people in the GTA take a proactive approach to coping with environmental challenges. Join us on our journey to a Greener Greater Toronto. For more information or to get involved, download our report or contact us.