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Commercial Building Energy Initiative

Improving the energy efficiency of our building stock presents a vast untapped potential to increase our bottom lines, better our workplaces and protect our environment. Commercial buildings account for nearly 20 per cent of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the GTA, and consume 37 per cent of the electricity and 17 per cent of the natural gas. There is a well documented “efficiency gap” between the potential investments in cost-effective energy efficiency and the low levels of investment that are actually occurring. Barriers to broader adoption of commercial building energy efficiency include:

Greening Greater Toronto has launched the Commercial Building Energy Initiative to address these barriers and improve the energy efficiency of the building stock in the GTA and beyond.

Our initiative

Provide Champions: The Commercial Building Energy Leadership Council

Eliminate Knowledge Gaps: Business Case and Living Library

Greening Our Workplaces Tenant Series

Owner/Tenant Working Groups

Corporate Challenge

Expected results

Progress to date

Greening Our Workplaces Tenant Series: At these events, Greening Greater Toronto and The Boston Consulting Group present the business case for energy efficiency, tenants give compelling accounts of their experience and results with energy efficiency initiatives, landlords share their initiatives and how they could support tenant efforts, and BOMA Toronto share highlights of its Conservation and Demand Management program which provides financial incentives to undertake electricity conservation projects.

Owner/Tenant Working Groups (January 28, 2010):

Commercial Building Retrofit Summit (September 29, 2009):

Leadership Council